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Current Season

Current Season

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The Freedom of the City

by Brian Friel


To commemorate the 50-year anniversary of Northern Ireland's Bloody Sunday, the Irish Repertory Theater of Tallahassee presents The Freedom of the City, Brian Friel's play based on the events of that fateful day and its aftermath. 


While fleeing tear gas and water cannons, three civil rights demonstrators -- Michael, Lily, and Skinner -- accidentally stumble into the mayor's office.  Awed by the luxury of the room, they drink, joke and chat, unaware that the police and British Army gathering around the building are convinced that they are a group of armed terrorists. The action of that day plays out alongside a British inquiry into the British Army's decision to open fire on the trio as they exited the building. 


October 21-23,28-30, 2022

stones poster_31422.jpg

Stones in his Pockets

by Marie Jones


This production will be featured at IRT's annual Bloomsday Festival at Goodwood Museum and Gardens.  The play, written by Belfast-based playwright Marie Jones and winner of  the Olivier Award and the Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy, is a by turns comical and dramatic look at what it's like to be a local extra on the set of an American film on location in rural Ireland.


Performances coming 2023

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