Current Season

Current Season


By Steven Dietz

Robert returns to Dublin to reunite with Cait, the woman who captured his heart
during a James Joyce literary tour thirty-five years ago. Dancing backwards through
time, the older couple retrace the past to discover their younger selves. Through
young Robbie and Caitleen, they relive the unlikely, inevitable events that brought
them—only briefly—together. This Irish time-travel love story blends wit, humor,
and heartache into a buoyant, moving appeal for making the most of the present
before it is past.


Bloomsday is scheduled for June 18 – 24, 2021 at Goodwood Museum &
Gardens, directed by Lanny Thomas.

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Illustration by Emily Shelton


By George Bernard Shaw

Meet Eliza Doolittle, the Cockney flower girl, as she is taken under the wing of that master of dialects, Henry Higgins. (Yes, My Fair Lady starring Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison is based on Pygmalion.) Higgins, in his brash, egotistical way, promises to take Eliza out of the gutter and transform her into a “a duchess at an ambassador's garden party”. And Eliza learns her lessons all too well, and challenges her teacher to be the kind of person he has taught her to be. It is a delightful commentary on the meaning of class and an unrepentant patriarch, filled with hilarious characters, who don’t think they’re funny.

Performances have been moved to September 2021. This is a co-production
with Goodwood Museum & Gardens and will be directed by Lanny Thomas.



By Samuel Beckett

Written and first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in 1957, it is considered by many to be Beckett's single greatest work. The title borrows from a term in the game of chess when there are moves yet to be played but the outcome of the game is inevitable. Beckett uses this as a metaphor for the motions we make at the oncoming of death. The play is, however, an extremely humorous and moving meditation on a part of life that is common to us all.     

The play is directed by area veteran Gary Brame. The internationally renowned Beckett scholar S.E. Gontarski will be acting as dramaturg for the work. 

Illustration by Johnny M.