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Casting Call for The Freedom of the City

A play by Tony Award-winning Irish playwright Brian Friel

Performances Oct 21-23, 28-30, 2022 at FSU’s Conradi Studio Theater

Produced by the Irish Repertory Theater of Tallahassee


Based on the events of Bloody Sunday in Derry, Northern Ireland, The Freedom of the City revolves around the inquiry into the shooting of three civil rights marchers by the British Army.


Sunday, August 28, 2022, 2pm; Monday, August 29, 7pm

 FSU College of Law, 425 Jefferson St., Room 241, Main Building

 *parking on Jefferson St. or Civic Center parking lot Pensacola St.

 *use Main Building’s entrance on Pensacola St. side


Auditions will consist of cold readings (monologues and scenes) from the script.

ROLES (Performers of all ages (18+), races, and genders are encouraged to audition):


MICHAEL (Lead; 18-29) Peaceful activist, recently married, follows the rules, believes in a just system  

LILY (Lead; 35-50) Mother of three. Wanted more. Motherly figure to MICHAEL and SKINNER

SKINNER/“Adrian Casimir Fitzgerald” (Lead; 18-29) Lean, tense, restless, seemingly ‘glib’

JUDGE (Supporting; 40+) English; a quick fussy man with a testy manner

PRIEST (Supporting; 30+) Northern Irish Catholic priest, supportive of the protesters but not the more radical elements in the resistance

DR DODDS (Supporting; 30+) American professor of Sociology with an informal manner

LIAM O’KELLY (Supporting; 18+) An RTE (Republic of Ireland) commentator

BRIGADIER JOHNSON-HANSBURY (Cameo; 22+) Top-ranking British Army official on the scene during the main action of the play

DR WINBOURNE (Cameo, 30+) Scottish Forensic Expert

PROFESSOR CUPPLEY (Cameo, 30+) Pathologist, performs the autopsies of Michael, Lily, and Skinner

BALLADEER/MUSICIAN (Cameo; any age) comfortable playing and singing two songs in the course of the show OR playing music (accordion, guitar, fiddle) OR singing

ENSEMBLE (will play multiple roles; any age) Press members, press photographers, police, British soldiers, British Army Press Officer, protesters, bartender, bar patrons


Please send any questions to Rebecca Curran,